MMR Dad: A Walk in the Woods
MMR Dad: Lyon Mountain Fire Tower
Hal 2001: Fira, sur l’île de Santorin, mer Égée, Grèce.
* Hazman Zie *: Postcard From London
Analog Berliner: Where´s THE EAST? - Dublin
Analog Berliner: Vermont Welcome Center - Interstate 91
Analog Berliner: Konzertticket 6 - Latin Quarter 1987
Analog Berliner: Potsdam - Alter Markt
Analog Berliner: Potsdam im November
Michael Westdickenberg: Wählt Thälmann!
Judith B. Gandy (on and off, off and on): It's hard to wake up when you're cold in the early morning! - Pipevine swallowtail (Battus philenor) butterfly, Peña Blanca Lake, Tucson, Sept 2015
pbinski: SQ11_435
Pak T: 051609-15.25.33
Chocomate: Laughing Pigeon
Chocomate: Beautiful Colours 😁
Robert Yanal: Shadows
Ian Razey: IMG_0972
Ian Razey: IMG_1470
dlanor smada: Cornwall
dlanor smada: Facing south
Carl Campbell: Paris (1984) no. 1
ep_jhu: Red Passion Flower
ynatentive: Les Gorges de la Carança
Darrell Godliman: Belgium - Brussels - Grand Place at dusk 01_DSC0641
dirkvanmourik: 050.1 Stormvogeltje
Florian106: Sonntagmorgenhimmel 25.10.2020 8:45 Autumn Sunday Morning
CW NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY: street-sell-Colombia
Ricardo Pallejá: Sombras entrando en la piedra.
Hear and Their: Cape Race
Gilbert Mercier: Gas station air pump: portion of the proceed is supposed to go to "Feed my starving children". Air for charity or scam?