tarboat: The pink bunkers
Retked: Teehöövel / Grader
raimonds135: 22175039069_7aff6990f8_h
citron_smurf: Northrop Grumman Antares CRS-12 Rocket
duesentrieb: Ungleiches Paar
Industrial Relics Photography: Buried In Petrochemical Wonderland
Ba Tas: rusty into the blue sky
Rogpow: Weigh House, Rhos Quarry, Capel Curig
Keznx: _Z7A8735
Keznx: _Z7A8682
robinstewart.smith: EWS Class 60 No 60018 Melton Ross Lime Works - Loaded Iron Ore - 8th March 2007
robinstewart.smith: BSC Bromford Steelworks - Hawthorn Leslie 'Asbestos' as 'Bromford S & L' - FTP - 5th March 1994
BorisToronto: DSC_8675
BorisToronto: DSC_8674
BorisToronto: DSC_8673
loose_grip_99: Drapers Hull Yorkshire 20th July 1968
robinstewart.smith: BR Class 40 Locomotives await scrapping at Crewe Works 15th August 1986
Industrial Relics Photography: Green Hill Cemetery
robinstewart.smith: BSC Redcar Steelworks - 'Mirvale' & 'Lion' on torpedo on the Hot Metal Rd leaving the Blast Furnace Tapping Bay - FTP Charter - 20th October 1996
Jose=Gil: DSC05666
robinstewart.smith: BR Class 60 No 60050 Shunting Hoppers Redmire Quarry 20th July 1991
bamintahvie1397: آشنایی با ساختار بوستر پمپ آبرسانی گراندفوس
bamintahvie1397: هیتر برقی - انتخاب هیتر برقی
www.jhluxton.com - John H. Luxton Photography: L2019_3933 Portreath Harbour, Cornwall
muni77: Highway
vcantabile: Belval / 03
vcantabile: Belval / 04
robinstewart.smith: BR Standard 9F No 92203 works loaded steel coils BSC Shotton Steelworks Strip Mill - FTP - 11th October 1997