BorisToronto: DSC_6560
loose_grip_99: Ipswich Suffolk 11th August 2020
BorisToronto: DSC_6669
Robbins Drones: Museum Window
BorisToronto: DSC_6639
BorisToronto: DSC_6641
tarboat: Kostolac power station
Jürgen Thome: Fata Morgana?
Nigel Turner: Botallack Tin Mine, Cornwall
stefanbeyer62: Wilhelmshaven..
stefanbeyer62: Wilhelmshaven..
Coolevisions: Chimney in the woods
Coolevisions: Carn Marth from Carn Brea, Redruth, Cornwall
Coolevisions: Wheal Bassett Stamps viewed from Carn Brea, Cornwall
Coolevisions: Section of vanner house at West Bassett Stamps (monochrome)
Coolevisions: Exterior of vanner house viewed from the buddle floor, West Bassett Stamps (monochrome)
BorisToronto: DSC_6602
BorisToronto: DSC_6637
KinOreve: Rencontre
KinOreve: Urbex
KinOreve: Urbex
KinOreve: Les fils de l'oubli
KinOreve: La grande roue
KinOreve: Urbex 2
BorisToronto: DSC_6624
rpantaleo: Steel Streets
BorisToronto: DSC_6646
BorisToronto: DSC_6676
BorisToronto: DSC_6571
BorisToronto: DSC_6566