J-Fish: Washington Crossing the Delaware
Keith Michael NYC (9 Million+ Views): A Day to Remember #112
bigbuddy1988: O.W.S.2011 (NYC)
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Dimi Alexeyev: Puppets
KennardP: New York
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waitingfortrain: For the Fallen---Sept. 11, 2021 SAM_2529
deanwgd608: Childes, Coney Island 9147
sstavsky: At Cooper Square
Nmarie: puff it up
sstavsky: On the East River, Facing Lower Manhattan
Eddie C3: Tenth Avenue Greetings
greenelent: climate
sstavsky: Exiting the Grand Street Subway Station
Dimi Alexeyev: IMGP0325
Dimi Alexeyev: IMGP0356
Dimi Alexeyev: Oh, really?
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Steve Starer: STOMP...what else?