mk881: He's uglier than me ...
Nymeriana: Happy midsummer!
FRITZ AND FONZI (and family): Pablo Fonzirelli and his Red Wings hat
Martin Bärtges: Security
Photography Ilona Mikkonen: Me and my princess <3
vladtheimpala: Fetch ...
Dekhana Photo: Portrait of Amandine
RoManLeNs: Dog walks 10x16WebSign
RoManLeNs: Beach dogs
smiles7: 25/52 - Maggie
Scott 97006: Dog On A Leash
Hoosierguy Jeff: Hillary jaws of steel
laurie.mccarty: _DSC8812.jpg=060919
laurie.mccarty: _DSC8807.jpg=060919
Luciamartin19: eyes are window to the soul
mrwrangler1962: _DSC0575-54-55-56
mrwrangler1962: _DSC0584
mrwrangler1962: _DSC0589
Scott 97006: Lady And Her Dog
Olgierd Pstrykotwórca: Gorąco ;-)
☼☼ Jo Zimny Photos☼☼: Resting In The Cool Grass
Scott 97006: Dog Team
rischefantorus: Nue@PortoPino
peterkelly: Deterrent To Sales