spelio: Geoff with Darkie and Topper on the farm at Millview, Tullibigeal.
leon.vaillat: Le changement climatique
VoHaGeN: last walk
GBaker63: A dog and his sticks
Ilona Mikkonen Photos: Molly in Norway
Cheryl3001: Quincy after
robenji: Marmalade eye
kadege59: Tina
Rushay: Young boy sharing popcorn with his pet
.Art_Thierry_Lempereur: les meilleurs amis
_Graeme_: Pepper
grahamrobb888: Zac at play-15
Johnny Photofucker: São Gabriel da Cachoeira-AM
GaryC4: Jacob
john durrant: Bring the ball? what ball?
john durrant: What Badger does second best. Best is eating.
Scott 97006: Green Eyed Lady
Churrumburru: Half dog
Dionysos_Lichtenhauos: Give me the ball!
janet.capling: Best Buds
akleby: Dog
leedowlrods: In your face corona virus!
PEEJ0E: Break time always includes play time!
FireDevilPhoto: Treading water