Guenther Lutz: February 2002 - Cimeron on the couch
Guenther Lutz: 2002.01.001_Marilyn and Cimeron in bed
Guenther Lutz: 2002.01.002_Marilyn and Cimeron in bed
Manzari: Water Dogs
ManOfYorkshire: Furry Friends
john durrant: Lost/abandoned gamp with inquisitive Whippet in Queen Mary Gardens.
.KiLTЯo.: James
brucetopher: Boat Dog
SteveH1972: Bobby
SteveH1972: Bobby
paulv21: Mya. IMG_20210915_183306111
SteveH1972: Bobby
bratispixl: 241217 morgens 016
jacquemart: Blenheim Palace
Closet Scot: Kaiser-5673-2
John Metzner: Blue Mountains
Andrea Schuh: according to M
Teemu Paukamainen: Max - EM540074-edit
Teemu Paukamainen: Max - EM540038
Tylahfoo: 0AFBB9F2-DA63-4E89-AF0E-95C60E935E1E
andaradagio: una mattinata al Rifugio di Sterpete
andaradagio: una mattinata al Rifugio di Sterpete