Hubert Burnett: 4253LRHB2
Nereus[GER]: Eichhörnchen
oberbayer: P1000263a
Servierduese: White_Swan
Servierduese: Hund_schütteln3
Servierduese: Hund_schütteln
Servierduese: Hund_beute
Christ.Forest: greunouille
DanGarv: Pemaquid Point Light
oberbayer: P1000131
will139: Green Heron
oberbayer: P1000008a
Brian of Bozeat: Pochard in the Rain
VreSko: And now a cold beer
Jambo Jambo: Maremma! C'è un po' di vento -There is a bit of wind
xine2008: Visiteur de la nuit / Nightly visitor.
HollyGrogan: Juvenile Swallows
Duluoz Me: Five-Lined Skink,
nataliekrovetz: Maho beach snorkeling.
Fausto Deseri: Fenicotteri
patrickdunse: Barbary macaque
tomidery: Gatito
Dave_Lawrence: White-faced Ibis---Plegadis chihi
Sleeping Fairy Princess: I was trying to take a picture of my beloved Aurora but my doggie decided that she wants to model too hehe. 🐶 🌳 👑
danielghetu.dg: Juvenile Bee-eater
Amir Guso: Amirosso Grosso
danielghetu.dg: Cyprus Warbler
seandarcy2: Little Owl-5057612