ricko: Pain Management
ricko: The Frustration of Balancing a Giant Pickle on One's Head While Standing in an Oversized Spoon
ricko: Lady Wearing Stocking Cap (Sad Version)
gumanow: Little Big Man
Dead Slow: Uncanny resemblance
ricko: Smile vs. Frown
Mark Entwisle: Monkey's tea party
maddoc2003jp: 201201-10-M42-400_36-1600ISO-50CRON-07 Kopie
patrickjoust: grumpy gator
ricko: Olive on a Frog's Head
n_ea_l: señor jack
Lake Li Sun: overseer
Lil.Ortiz: Downtown Vegas
jan gates: kingston has whole lot of character
Nesster: the sad king
helenhill_HH: someone's Pooch
Mississippi Snopes: 2010 - 05 - 21 - Maybe So Maybe Not
Nesster: IMGP1346 rfe
stefthor: New York
Capt. Coffee: The snowmonster is not amused...
trudefolde: Trudetull1