C. Evans: Robin Hood and Little John
dd-indy: Blending In
dd-indy: Surveyor
dd-indy: World's kingdom
dd-indy: Go away and leave me alone
meeko_: Shaker
BRICK PROJECT: Encanto - Disney Vignette
RT Images: Fantasy in the Sky - Finale
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dd-indy: The best kind
dd-indy: The king of Mickey and Eeyore
dd-indy: The arcs of IllumiNations
meeko_: Merida
Awesoman: Walt Disney World
RT Images: Enchantment - Finale
dd-indy: Don't shoot 'til you see the whites of their eyes
dd-indy: Extreme depth of field
dd-indy: Roseate Spoonbill
C. Evans: The Festival of the Lion King
Awesoman: Walt Disney World
meeko_: Miguel Statue
dd-indy: Freddy's Ready
dd-indy: Mexico
dd-indy: Natural > man-made
C. Evans: Simba
meeko_: Minnie Mouse
dd-indy: Namespace
RT Images: Christmas Castle
LVnative: Happy Elephant
RT Images: Enchantment