Joerg Alfons: Baptisma
CamShaw74: Day 318 (14th Nov) - Projection!
morris 1800: Front tilt fall
CDSnapper: Arum Lillies
CamShaw74: Day 317 (13th Nov) - British Salt Ltd
Joerg Alfons: Tree by the River
morris 1800: 21st century seaveiw
morris 1800: Relaxing
CamShaw74: Day 316 (12th Nov) - Can it!
Joerg Alfons: St. Michael's Chapel, Hardehausen Abbey
CamShaw74: Day 315 (11th Nov) - Chain of Fools
Linton Snapper: Fig Leaf
rspohl17: Wood Crosses
CamShaw74: Day 313 (9th Nov) - Vice Squad
CamShaw74: Day 312 (8th Nov) - Autumnal Acorns
morris 1800: Stitch up
morris 1800: River side tree 2 (ready to pounce ? )
morris 1800: Riverside tree
CamShaw74: Day 311 (7th Nov) - GPO 328L Telephone
CamShaw74: Day 310 (6th Nov) - Wybunbury Tower
Taiwan's Riccardo: 淡水_176
Taiwan's Riccardo: 淡水_175
Taiwan's Riccardo: 淡水_174
Taiwan's Riccardo: 淡水_173
Taiwan's Riccardo: 淡水_172
Taiwan's Riccardo: 淡水_171
Taiwan's Riccardo: 淡水_170
Taiwan's Riccardo: 淡水_169
CamShaw74: Day 309 (5th Nov) - Happy Bonfire Night!
Renato A.: LDA: Cascata Valenpach 10, Trentino, Italy