mambiso: Pull
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w. + h. brutzer: 193 602 Tamm 25.08.17
w. + h. brutzer: 363 144 Waghäusel 28.03.07*
w. + h. brutzer: 62 111 Bonovici 21.05.02*
Ka Gee Ka: Delicious
Ka Gee Ka: Siblings
w. + h. brutzer: 242 250 Sturovo 19.09.18*
Ka Gee Ka: Interesting row of shophouse on the slope
BAXINTHE757: The Writing on the Wall
queue_queue: entry gate
queue_queue: abandoned office chair
queue_queue: ramshackle doorway
triebensee: Gage and Tollner
Bill Smith1: Jo-Anne Relaxed Jan 2021
Bill Smith1: 70 Broadway Partail Disassembly One_
Bill Smith1: Apartment Driveway_
Bill Smith1: Partiual Demolition Work on a Cold Day
Bill Smith1: House at Redpath and Broadway
Bill Smith1: Walking Past the Destructed Park of 70 Broadway
Bill Smith1: Eglingto Ave East Becoming_
Bill Smith1: Mini Van at the Apartment Lobby_