Claude Jenkins: Le massif du Mont-Blanc !
Claude Jenkins: Aiguilles de Chamonix faces Nord !
Shutter Bug Brent: Shrouded in Fog Monochrome, Abandoned Architecture, Kantara Crusader Castle, Kantara, Turkish Republic Of North Cyprus.
Andre T 44: Le corridor
Roi.C: Light
Transformer18: where does the way lead
Andre T 44: Rain and fog in My Town
Andre T 44: Fog in Town
ikaune: 3152 - La voie du petit train, Morlay en Baie de Somme, 2020
bpaige393: A Girl and her Horse
CroytaqueCie: Hilaire Patate
Errol_S: Don’t Say Hi Like the Spider to the Fly Monochrome, Abandoned Architecture, Hotel View, Bogaz, Turkish Republic Of North Cyprus.
Errol_S: I Can See It in Her Eyes Monochrome, Castle Architecture, Walled City, Famagusta, Turkish Republic Of North Cyprus.
martdump: a full dull day and a half moon Monochrome, Coastal Landscape, Long Beach, Iskele, Turkish Republic Of North Cyprus.
alex.pogorelov: Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant ( ЧТПЗ) Monochrome, City Skyline, Lake Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, United States Of America.
Andre T 44: Focus point....
vargandras: P1040758
Amey Gharse: DSC_0068
louys:: bird feeder and bokeh