mmeastman: Chipotle "Morita" Chile (292 Oct-19)
mmeastman: Costeno Rojo (287 Oct-14)
mmeastman: African Birdseye Chilies (286 Oct-13)
mmeastman: Pasado Chile (285 Oct-12)
mmeastman: Homemade Chipotles in Adobo Sauce (284 Oct-11)
Jacques Wagon: Harissa Chicken @ The Coach House Restaurant | Middleton Lodge | Yorkshire, England
mmeastman: Puya Chilies (283 Oct-10)
mmeastman: Chipotle 'Meco' Chile
mmeastman: Ancho (279 Oct-6)
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mmeastman: Habenero HOT! (274 Oct-1)
ricko: The Pepper
Hans-Georg Knöß: Aji Limo (Capsicum chinense)
Hans-Georg Knöß: Aji Limo (Capsicum chinense)
Hans-Georg Knöß: Habanero orange (Capsicum chinense)
delnaet: still life 2
delnaet: still life
delnaet: paprika
danbruell: Heat for Salsa
danbruell: Biggest Bunch of Peppers
danbruell: Harvest time at the Farmers Market
danbruell: Finally we're seeing the Habaneros!!
Wilhelm Frater: WH-20190901-003
danbruell: Farmers Market
RedRipper24: Onza Rojo Peppers grown in my Backyard!
tubblesnap: Pad Krapao