Gerald (Wayne) Prout: Sesekinika Lake - Prout's Island, Schloz Island and Beaver Island
Paul den Ouden: Park Bench
Paul den Ouden: Park Bench
Paul den Ouden: Lawn Ornament
yeahwotever: The Wise One.
edhendricks27: IMG_4453 Meadow
Nick and Karen Munroe: OCTOBER 2019 _674_NGM_3674-1-222
Len Langevin: Northern Sentinel
RockN: Holy Grandfamily
Crusty Da Klown: Gone Fishing
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: MacLeod-Cockshutt Gold Mine Head Frame - Geraldton Ontario Canada
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: Floribunda Rose Campfire (Rosier floribunda)
rivai56: ZAANDAM, Vieux Québec, Old Quebec, Canada - 1807
rivai56: Automne, autumn - Rivière Chaudière, Beauce, PQ, Canada - 4704
walneylad: Gracie checking things out
walneylad: Gracie looking back
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: Rejoicing Family by Taurai Mutigwa
See what I see.: A growing city
See what I see.: The heart pumping exercise has be done to get a shot like this.
See what I see.: Window with a view
Susan Kitchell: Next year’s catch.
Nick and Karen Munroe: OCTOBER 2019 _429_NGM_3428-2-222
Gerald (Wayne) Prout: Royal Botanical Gardens Hendrie Park (Myke): Rock Blasting Seen from 14 Storeys Up
Crusty Da Klown: The Plane, Boss! The Plane!
The Bone Collector II: Don't Whistle