Bruce Shapka: Arboretum
Micholand: Marstallplatz
Micholand: Digestion tower
azadphotographie: 02082020-DSC_8285.V1
Elisafox22: Almost touching ....
Elisafox22: A dusting of pink!
Micholand: Tree meets architecture
prosaicphotographer: _DSC8189-Edit.jpg
Micholand: Bolzplatz
Only_to_be_kind: Tailfins
Only_to_be_kind: Edge of the grove
Only_to_be_kind: Hedge Monster
Only_to_be_kind: The Pass
Only_to_be_kind: Spiky personality
jwfriend1: Shade
jwfriend1: Gateway
jwfriend1: Sheep
joseange: Infrarrojo en movimiento: siluetas
Micholand: Exterior facade
F. Neil S.: Saxapahaw (IR)
Only_to_be_kind: Flare and Rust
Micholand: Flying saucer in town!
Rock_Doc: Applehill Lavendar farm Infrared
Micholand: Futuro house
Rock_Doc: Westminster Ponds IR
prosaicphotographer: _DSC7660-2-Edit.jpg
Glen Bledsoe: The Tiny Bicyclist (IR)
Only_to_be_kind: With-Standing
Only_to_be_kind: Future memory