Crowbuster: Rhossili Bay, Gower.
EionaR.: Poppy field
EionaR.: As far as the eye can see
EionaR.: Hay field
EionaR.: Ready to be harvested
peterdayson: North Gower
peterdayson: Early One Morning.............
EionaR.: Rhossili Bay
H.G.R: Sunflowers and Worm’s Head
H.G.R: Ponies on Cefn Bryn
Crowbuster: Rhossili Bay, Worms Head, Gower.
EionaR.: Full of summery goodness
EionaR.: Pff! They're no more than tall dandelions, Delia!
EionaR.: In camouflage
EionaR.: Gower Pony
EionaR.: Gliding
EionaR.: Cwtchy Cwtchy ponies
Mumbles Head: Sunset at Whitford Point, Gower
H.G.R: Hang gliding at Rhossili
H.G.R: Tortoiseshell on Ragwort
EionaR.: Rhossili Sunflowers redux
EionaR.: Oh what a circus!Oh what a show!
EionaR.: Day 224 / 365 Gower Ponies
peterdayson: Gower Cloudscape
peterdayson: Ribs 4
EionaR.: Step inside love..
singingsnapper: Rhossili sunset 1
singingsnapper: Helvetia sunset
EionaR.: Who's a pretty boy then ?
EionaR.: Full of pollenny goodness [ Explore #93 ]