Hannelore_B: Golden
FinouCat: Autumn heart
@magda627: From Montreal with love
heatherpix: Doily heart
@magda627: Domino
Cheryl Dunlop Molin: autumn love
Rodrick Dale: A Lake Called Heart
dandylioneggs: Blue Quail Pysanka Egg with Ram’s Horns, Ukrainian Easter Egg
FinouCat: Tiny heart
SilverGinger - Colour: 3 Hearts Are Better Than 1
SilverGinger - Colour: Holding Your Heart In My Hand
SilverGinger - Colour: My Heart Laid Bare
chando*: Poésie sur le GR34...
christaannarumma: Full Houses.😀
Hannelore_B: Heart on the hook
markwilkins64: MM : Hooked on Love....
@magda627: Old rusty hook
FinouCat: "The very instant I saw you did my heart fly to your service."
fotospoekes: Planet love
themostinept: 3rd October 2020
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: Squirrels are true artists
Peter Cook UK: Door Heart Wreath, Rye, Kent
FinouCat: Heart stone
rabidscottsman: Street Sticker
christaannarumma: “Herbstdekoration“
Through Serena's Lens: My love for reading
@magda627: Uninvited guest
maczeug2: Love is everywhere