jc7xx7: Azure Damselfly male
Henry Lowth: Leaf cutter ants with Budlea flowers !
knut.uppstad01: Annoying housefly
w.fischer: trithemis-annulata-21-01
Valerie Levesque-Beaudin: Thick-headed fly (Conopidae, Physocephala sp.))
Ettore Guarnaroli: Oedemera podagrariae
briarphotos: Net Central
briarphotos: Ninja Warrior Move
oldimageshoppe: IMG_0011 Trashline Orb-weaver
Frank Lawler: The Beautiful Ensign Fly.
cbphotosOttawa: Common green darner dragonfly
rickmcnelly: Cicada Husk
Ce Rey: Belleza del Pastizal
mariandeneijs: Paardenbijter - Kapittelduinen - Hoek van Holland
Hachimaki123: DSC_4518
giselasfotos: Gisela_Nagel-Fl-3519-Große Holzbiene
Stuart Schaefer Photography: Monarch Butterfly Hanging Out.
Manuel Barroso: Lestes barbarus
Morton1905: Acrometopa macropoda, Common Long-legged Bush-Cricket, (Tettigoniidae) 8598 Fa,10.VI.2014. Island Cres. Croatia. 20140610 Merag 1153 8598 Fa Nymph.
entomopixel: Lepidoptera
re012a5652: Garden spider weaving web -silk ball visible as well
vegter.j.m: Bee party 🎉
FWRav: Hackberry emperor - "perched" male waiting for females to pass by and attempt to mate
austindca: camouflaged looper caterpillar
quinet: Variegated leaves macro.
quinet: Hoverfly face
Johann 50: IMG_0459b
Johann 50: IMG_0600a
Johann 50: IMG_0672a
Johann 50: IMG_0569