Sol Lang: Her Look Of Innocence - Milena
EC2015: La plage en automne
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place bel-air: Africans roots
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place bel-air: Vikings
place bel-air: Adinkra
place bel-air: Unique necklace handmade with Africans symbols.
place bel-air: Amazigh
_Fermin: Capture III
Sol Lang: So many art books. I'm sure we can find some inspiration in one of them.
Sol Lang: Remember Joelle
EC2015: Les mannequins
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fashionphotographyhh: Natural bride
fashionphotographyhh: Natural bride
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_Fermin: Black & White Roses
_Fermin: Capture I
_Fermin: Summer 2011 - Throwback
_Fermin: 53rd Independence Day of The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
_Fermin: Born Together
_Fermin: Throwback Thursday Close up
_Fermin: Bikini Fashion Throwback Thursday
_Fermin: Vogue - Throwback Thursday
_Fermin: Pivot
_Fermin: Ivy
_Fermin: Apple