Dirk Broddin: Peru: Arequipa portrait
rob4xs: Pershing Square Plaza / E 42nd St. / New York
Dirk Broddin: Narni Umbria Italy (explored)
sdttds: IMG_6451_Dry Lagoon jade
hilgers1944: Wismut SDAG Schacht 401
Nigel L Baker: Reflection through a window
sdttds: DSC_0659_The Groove Band
sdttds: IMG_0659_Crazy lace detail
hilgers1944: Nordstern
sdttds: DSC_0623_Community Soldier Awards
hilgers1944: DDR - the end
hilgers1944: Kaliwerk Merkers
sdttds: DSC_0881_Headstones with flags
sdttds: DSC_0500_A history lesson
sdttds: DSC_0783_Close-up of cute socks
sdttds: IMG_5680_Marin French Cheese Company
rob4xs: Donation Center / Salvation Army / New York
hilgers1944: Kaliwerk Neu-Sollstedt
rob4xs: Ristorante Da Gennaro / Little Italy / New York
rob4xs: Women & Children / Highline / New York
sdttds: DSC_0714_One more pic of these amazing, dancing feet
wiredforlego: LEGO Mixels Series 1 : Cragsters
sdttds: DSC_0604_Miss Black Sacramento Ambassador
sdttds: DSC_0156_Teasing feet
sdttds: DSC_2758_Acro Yoga Playground
sdttds: DSC_0161_Teasing feet
hilgers1944: Ewald Fortsetzung
hilgers1944: Kaliwerk Neu-Sollstedt