spicysquid1: Western Bluebird - into the light !
spicysquid1: NOMO is getting - - -
spicysquid1: Western Bluebird !
spicysquid1: Cooper's Hawk
spicysquid1: European Starling
spicysquid1: STUCK ?
spicysquid1: SHE'S MINE !!! STAY AWAY !!
maguire33@verizon.net: Taking a Break 2129
Melissa Kung: Hummingbird Garden ( Allen's ) 7DC_9288 (10/31/2019 # 35)
Melissa Kung: 紅耳鵯 Red-whiskered Bulbul 7DC_9067
mnag62: Monarch flying on a bright autumn moning @LA Arboretum, herb Garden
spicysquid1: Western Bluebird !
spicysquid1: The Hunter !
spicysquid1: Pin Feather "AL" !
spicysquid1: Western Meadowlark !
CaliKatBird: Western Meadowlark
CaliKatBird: Western Meadowlark
mnag62: Digger bee # LA Arboretum
mnag62: Song sparrow
mnag62: Praying Mantis - "You talkin' to me?"
spicysquid1: Pale NOMO !
spicysquid1: "Irresistible" Munia !
spicysquid1: GRASS, SEEDS and a SPLASH of COLOR !!
spicysquid1: Red-shouldered Hawk (Immature)
spicysquid1: FRUIT on the PATH !
maguire33@verizon.net: California Scrub-Jay 3660
spicysquid1: Red-whiskered Bulbul !!
spicysquid1: Western Bluebird (f)
spicysquid1: MUNIA - among the reeds !
spicysquid1: Among the Berries !