Dean Hochman: cash register
jopperbok: Out with the Old, In with the New
WanderingPJB: Dishes of Insects - Nanga Village Market - Vientiane Laos
gryphon569: John Glyde
Ted Potters: Symbool 3
Ted Potters: Symbool 2
Ted Potters: Symbool 1
Studio d'Xavier: Windmill
pbinski: HTL_023
gryphon569: Crane
Chris Séhenna: Those who're looking at us are hoping / Ceux qui nous regardent espèrent
e.jacotey: Villenave.
e.jacotey: Bègles.
e.jacotey: Bègles.
WanderingPJB: Tile Decoration - Golestan Palace - UNESCO World Heritage Site - Tehran Iran
WanderingPJB: Chillies for sale in water bottles - Street Market Pak Mong Laos
dominotic: 2021: Chocolate Mini Rolls
WatermelonHenry: Ink on wood
WatermelonHenry: Ink on wood
WatermelonHenry: Ink on wood
pbinski: _FMW1447
gryphon569: Threshing machine
marek&anna: Krakow, AGH-sundial-gnomon
Ted Potters: Zithoek
WanderingPJB: Colourful Bicycle Rickshaws for hire - Pondicherry India
WanderingPJB: A bowl full of frogs - Phosi Market - Luang Prabang Laos
pbinski: _FMW1524
pbinski: _FMW0511
gryphon569: Garrett scale traction engine
gryphon569: Farm machinery, upstairs in the Granary