shixart1985: Woman drinking coffee and reading a book in her bedroom closeup.
Wren Tyler: 'Lord Jesus, we give you our sorrows and fears, that we may know Your Love, and be lifted into Life with You'
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shixart1985: Woman in sweater holding cup of hot coffee from above.
Wren Tyler: I have seen God's Loving Presence, in the quietness of nature and in the kindness of people
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petershaw4: My special present by the spiral staircase.
Pascal LH: Coffee time...
Wren Tyler: May we grow in Love and Joy as we walk our Journey of Faith, and may God's hand ever guide us
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Wren Tyler: May we accept Forgiveness and grow in Grace
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Wren Tyler: Welcome, the hardy of winters time, joy you bring quiet and soft, and resolute
Wren Tyler: Lord Jesus, guide our hand and heart, in the true spirit of the law of love
denismartin: Reunion island
denismartin: Reunion island
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Wren Tyler: Lord Jesus, fill my heart with the Grace of the Holy Spirit
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