Bent Kverme: Church-ruin in Nes, Viken, norway
matetronic: Opernhaus Oslo
matetronic: Opernhaus Oslo
Seckington Images: Along the Coast of Norway.
Seckington Images: Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights, Norway.
gormjarl: Lindesnes lighthous
knut.uppstad01: Langfeldt, small boat harbour.
Vemsteroo: Swirl
jarle.kvam: IMGP1439-Edit
littdiva: The blue hour . . Location: Tjernagel/ Norway
CALandscapeArt natura artis magistra: Lekneset-Sæbø Ferry at Urke Raining
Fading Dusk Photography: Arctic Night Winterscape
matetronic: Opernhaus Oslo
matetronic: Opernhaus Oslo
gormjarl: Varoddbrua with Kjevik airport in background
gormjarl: We are sailing
Asbjørn Anders1: Mixed Seasons
trine.syvertsen: Snow formatioms. Tuddal. Norway
littdiva: This place are really a treasure. High mountains, the fjord. All mixed uo in a very beautiful way . . Location: Hjelle/ Norway
wingerjohanne: Røed is my second home, and I spend a lot of time there. I love the pond. The big branch drinks a lot, but it stays sober. Understand it if you can. I will go back there today for another walk around the pond...
kaxelsenfoto: «The pointing tree»
Marnix Van Marcke: Church near Svolvaer in low sunlight.
Marnix Van Marcke: Hamnøy after sunset
Aziz Nasuti: Full Mooon Over Trondheim and Nidelva
matetronic: Opernhaus Oslo
matetronic: Opernhaus Oslo
gormjarl: Blues
JonR31: Leinstrand 200122-11w2 Leinbakkan
gormjarl: stormy day at Flekkreøy, Norway