giuseppe.cat75: DSC_3896_00006
madhavmallia: Yellow
giuseppe.cat75: DSC_6019
madhavmallia: On slider
exceptionaleye: _DSC0409-3
giuseppe.cat75: DSC_4097_00004
madhavmallia: Warming up
giuseppe.cat75: DSC_4018_00003
madhavmallia: Between fights
giuseppe.cat75: DSC_5532
madhavmallia: Red, black and a little green
madhavmallia: Resting...
drdrlim: Hainan Blue Flycatcher
madhavmallia: Between light and shadows
madhavmallia: Busy bee
drdrlim: A panorama of the winter Milky Way
madhavmallia: In shades
giuseppe.cat75: DSC_3898_00007
Mic - D750: F50R0148
giuseppe.cat75: DSC_4010_00002
madhavmallia: My garden
giuseppe.cat75: DSC_3860_00003
madhavmallia: Throne
giuseppe.cat75: DSC_3913_00008
giuseppe.cat75: DSC_4099_00001
drdrlim: A fledgling scarlet-backed flowerpecker being fed by the father bird
madhavmallia: At the bend