news4raboe: Die Geheime Treppe
dadiolli: kantige schnecke
markyparky: Steps 4 Monochrome, Outdoor Steps, Chaumont-Sur-Loire, Central-Val De Loire, France.
Ackteon: Entrée du tunnel reliant les deux châteaux de Villeconin
Elbmaedchen: Beauty line
markyparky: Steps
Kees van Mansom: The Stairs of Mont Saint Michel
dadiolli: dunkelstufen
wernerfunk: Treppe
gerardoirazabalvalledor: Hotel Argentino
dw*c: Around Naples
dadiolli: vertreppt
mitko_denev: Templar church / Църква на темпларите
Spencer Means: Iron railing, West 10th Street, Greenwich Village, New York
Istvan: Palace of Arts, Staircase
dadiolli: trepperspektive
Lynn Loomis: View from the 3rd floor-Strator Hotel, Durango, Colorado Outdoor Stairs, Flass Vale Nature Reserve, Durham City, County Durham, England. Outdoor Stairs, Durham City, County Durham, England.
dw*c: Vancouver Island
Ackteon: Provence 2018
pix-4-2-day: 30167 Discovery
petra.foto busy busy busy: Badewanne mit Deckel