Bryan J. Smith: BLAVUL brasiliensis 2199
チンさん: 紅領虎天牛Xylotrechus(Xylotrechus) magnicollis
believerj316: Cicada—-Edible…but I’m not that hungry yet!
FWRav: ABJ & Fe the oldest known common loon pair - Seney Wildlife Refuge
The Cuman: Portrait of a mute swan
victorhobson55: Garden spider (F) (Araneus diadematus)
Ciminus: Erithacus rubecula.
robertofurlan: DSC_5761 (2) luì piccolo in lotta contro il vento , phylloscopus collybita tdn
robertofurlan: DSC_6145 (2) Cona , pavoncella a volo tdn , vanellus v.
_Veit_: What's down there
_Veit_: Perched on its dinner
Jacques GUILLE: Le temps des noisettes
lukaszW75: 390A1593
Patrick Blondel: Martin-pêcheur d'Europe - Alcedo atthis - Common kingfisher
Patrick Blondel: Grand gravelot - Charadrius hiaticula - Common ringed plover
lukaszW75: 390A3021
PETEJLB: Bearded Tit/Reedling
Bob Silver ☺: Vole drinking from a micro puddle
Neotropical Pete: SWALLOW-TAILED KITE Eats Fruit in Flight. Elanoides forficatus in Mindo in Northwestern ECUADOR. Kite Photo by Peter Wendelken.
Neotropical Pete: BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER HATCHLING SLEEPING with Two Nestmates in a NEST on the GROUND, Jefferson National Forest, Virginia. May 25, 2010 Photo by Peter Wendelken.
Capt Andy: DSC09376
golfpatphoto: Cigogne blanche
anacm.silva: Pintarroxo / Linnet
jmahiquesmeseguer: Correlimos gordo (calidris canutus)
jmahiquesmeseguer: Albatros ceja negra (black-browed Albatross)
Yannick 46: Passion Brame 2021
pep_mir01: Cuervo - Corvus Corax - Common raven
stitchersue: Beaver