JamieMcK2001: Bulgaria?
mswan777: Fontana Torta degli Sposi
cresting_wave: Why not be happy?
tmbx: Finally
nikkortumblr: Trapani, Sicily, 2019
michael_jeddah: Guayaquil - Ecuador
michael_jeddah: Guayaquil - Ecuador
michael_jeddah: Guayaquil - Ecuador
Mark Walton1: RA Summer Exhibition
Kein Grund: Interior.....
Kein Grund: There`s no comfort in the truth.....
BradKellyPhoto: Russell House Tavern reflections
mswan777: Varese City Center
foto_morgana: TDF-Brussels-LeGrand Départ #32
JamieMcK2001: Where? (poem below)
wybnormal: Ansel tribute
wybnormal: Utah Sunset
B Nefertiti: Reflect
B Nefertiti: Beautiful world
B Nefertiti: Seashellshore
cbrozek21: Rocks above Horseshoe Bend of Colorado River by Page. Bank of the river is seen in lower right corner. Arizona, USA.
cbrozek21: Child and dog.
Harvey Licht: Inscription
mswan777: Waiting Tables
foto_morgana: TDF-Brussels-Le Grand Départ-32
JamieMcK2001: Impressive design from the 1930s
cbrozek21: A view from Sandia Crest toward the south. Sandia Mountains, New Mexico, USA.