photogunni: Mutant
photogunni: Same plant, different growth
photogunni: The old wall - crenellations
YannLOeil: Canon Eos 300v
Monobod 1: 55 Hidden Corner.
Walther Le Kon: chicks and me
clifford.kiracofe: Wine Glass
Northwoods Apparition: Abandoned Shed Door-North Ironwood Township
Walther Le Kon: mondgesicht
gsantar: Street photos 22-24
candotude: Just chilling, Deer
patricklenz3: P1130034_v1
patricklenz3: WILHELM I
photogunni: The brewery
photogunni: Lead the way
photogunni: Scale model house
mikeinlagardette: First steps stand develping with Rodinal
Monobod 1: 54 Heavy Duty.
Ciaa08: Tristezze al bagno
clifford.kiracofe: Carafe and Two Glasses
Northwoods Apparition: Lake Superior Shoreline Ice-Eagle Harbor, MI (Keweenaw Peninsula)
changkim: Downtown Houston
z gee: arch
z gee: arcade
ureña: traginer
ureña: capturado
ureña: erarando
ureña: gosus
aarsbog: Yashica Mat-124G (2022)