anne_sinclair: Heartbreak
MFinChina: "Serious beaver" doesn't seem like a good thing for a girls' tee shirt to say
andrewbsteiner: Creepy Food Guy
andrewbsteiner: 2018 Rules of Consent
MFinChina: Fight fuck freak
MFinChina: Sassy toothpaste
MFinChina: I didn't see any men there.
MFinChina: He's fed up.
MFinChina: Meet me at the seven inch cock
John Pettigrew: South Bank Skate
John Pettigrew: See You Next Tuesday Bin
Ray Crabb: WAKO
John Pettigrew: Kill Yourself
John Pettigrew: Next Tuesday...?
Ray Crabb: Oh, Yes please.
Joanna pictures this: Burgers, Bollocks and Barking
matt_in_a_field: 06-52: counter
thepicturedrome: Van Graffiti
cod eyes: on my return...
matt_in_a_field: 29-52: reading 2012
mugley: the forbidden love
Ray Crabb: "Junkie basterds"
mugley: just a little pissed off
nihaoxiongmao: Where's My Fucking Travel Card?
nihaoxiongmao: Dirty Dicks
mugley: hermaphrodite's blues
mugley: short dick man
mugley: free personality test
lizwashere: Fuck you