Emmanuel Tuts-Schiemsky: &_€"-(!;'_€##@
pedrosimoes7: Rita's Portrait (1973) - Sarah Affonso (1899-1983)
pedrosimoes7: "We Hate Tourism Tours/ If you are reading this is because the driver sucks (2015)
Aloneunderholder: Windows vs. Windows
Mark Noack: fugue...
Ncls Jvc: apple
Ncls Jvc: outil perdu
╱╲LPHΛ |╲|ΣO |╲|OI☈ ╲╱-III: “ΘUT TΘ SΣΛ” // “She loves the serene brutality of the ocean, loves the electric power she felt with each breath of wet, briny air.” ― Holly Black
╱╲LPHΛ |╲|ΣO |╲|OI☈ ╲╱-III: "S Θ U L" // "It truly doesn't matter what tradition you come from, what religion you have or don't, what culture you were brought up in; what matters is if you found a -place- for -Your Soul-"
╱╲LPHΛ |╲|ΣO |╲|OI☈ ╲╱-III: "|NCΛNTΛTIΘN & ╲╱INΘMΛDΣFIΣD"❖ “Every mystery of life has its origin in the heart.” ― H. von Balthasar, Heart of the World ❖ “She is a smile in the dark” ― R. L. Ratliff
Peter Garkun: Storm is coming
- petit homme -: Scratches on a dead phone...
Ted Potters: wella reclame, Zeemeermin in de haven van Wemeldinge. Kunstwerk van Léon Vermunt
Ted Potters: oesterkwekerij
Ted Potters: Reserve pijler Neeltje Jans
Ted Potters: Waar ligt het dan?
Ted Potters: Hier ligt iets
d i a n e p o w e r s: “Cinema Italiano”
BleakCabal: this morning
stefankamert: Dancing (Ricoh GR1)
Darek Drapala: tree reflection
flampinen: Finlandia