WAVZ 13: It just didn't get any better than the old version of the Meadowlands. What to do with an enormous swamp a few miles from Manhattan? Fill it up with numerous garbage dumps and build a lot of factories making all kinds of toxic chemicals. Kearny, NJ. 1976.
piotr.brydak: IMG_2132
piotr.brydak: IMG_2104
Barragon: Sines
oliver.vdboom: ⚒️ old working hall ⚒️
michael-otto-foto: electricity
GrekoXploration: Former coalmine...
williespictures: Phoenix West 2022_11_26_a
williespictures: Phoenix West 2022_11_26_b
Cristiano Antognotti: Former washing machine factory
oliver.vdboom: Das Rädle
ralf.kabelitz: DSCF3407
wim hoppenbrouwers: Kraan Scheepshelling Koningspoort Rotterdam 3D Fish-eye
pket69: IMG_3710b
pket69: IMG_2162b
Cristiano Antognotti: The era of smart working
rpantaleo: Elrama Demo #2
piotr.brydak: IMG_2136
Berny S2: exploring the blue wonder
Berny S2: exploring the blue wonder
Berny S2: exploring the blue wonder
borderlands.urbex: Waiting in vain
Sam Tait: Penmaen 1878
dmitrius48: Провода
Dnalorexe: All the way up.
Harrys_style: Grey in grey.
tarboat: Dust extraction
black#light: Einstellungssache...