TinaTorrisi: 1,2,3...hundido
John Lawrence 438: The Claremont Hotel Eastbourne
www.jamesgreigphotographer.com: Saint Michaels Mount, Cornwall, UK.
www.jamesgreigphotographer.com: Restronguet Creek, Cornwall 180° Panorama 2013
laura sinapi: pescherecci a Trapani
guyfogwill: Owl's Head Lighthouse
guyfogwill: Phare De Chassiron, St.-Denis-d'Oléron, Poitou-Charentes
guyfogwill: Hendricks Head Light
guyfogwill: The Philip Lucette Beacon at Shaldon on the river Teign. The lamp on top of this 15 foot high beacon is an all round red occulting light, with a 6 second pattern (5 secs on 1 sec off).
*lochiegirl*: Fridtjof Nansen
Neal3K: Agnes Marie
lukabeselia: White wave
Marion CW (Marion in Cornwall): The tide is coming in!
clarktom845: From Nice to Rio De Janeiro
clarktom845: From Nice to Rio De Janeiro
Wally on water: AE913F12-1031-41F9-9B81-3254087FA8F5_1_201_a
Chico195: Komatsu At Work 40mph breeze
massimo dalmonte: Richmond park London
Jazz Sandoval: En pareja. Fuerteventura, septiembre 2015.
dan@propeakphotography.com: Glass Mirror - High Key
Kernowfile: 3KB19234a_C
Kernowfile: 3KB19246a_C
pierre.massard: Petite houle - small swell
calcagnoandrea75: A november day in the sea