cocabeenslinky: St Paul's Reflection
Absolutely_Shuttered: St Paul’s and Millennium Bridge
Absolutely_Shuttered: St Paul’s from Millennium Bridge
ace's photos: The pigeons
James_Beard: Looking Up | St. Paul's Cathedral
johnboy!: Stone Gallery, St Pauls Cathedral-9779
johnboy!: Golden Gallery, St Pauls Cathedral-9798
johnboy!: Golden Gallery, St Pauls Cathedral-9813
johnboy!: London Evening-9837
ace's photos: Swan at St Paul's
photphobia: St Paul's Cathedral
ace's photos: London Swans
thehutch: Walking the streets of London
thehutch: Nothing like a great celebration
thehutch: I’m still standing
thehutch: The lady enters the night with open arms
thehutch: Time to finish the thing we started
thehutch: From heavenly heights
Mikyy81: Blitz, the heroes with grimy faces
thehutch: Light in the darkness
Harmony Rising: Finishing
Harmony Rising: St Paul's
Harmony Rising: Where Light Falls
Chris 1971: St. Paul's....
Chris 1971: St. Paul's Revisited....
ace's photos: Under the bridge
ace's photos: St Paul's in the sunshine
itkapp: St Paul's Cathedral and millennium bridge
itkapp: St Paul's Cathedral
itkapp: St Paul's Cathedral