Léo_T: Ainsa (3)
Hans Veuger: Black bridge
leo.roos: The cat in the window
leo.roos: Winshadow
leo.roos: Bridge
ebergcanada: Shadow Dancer
ebergcanada: Another Kind of Map
leo.roos: Going round the bend
leo.roos: In/decreasing triangles
ghoermann: kiel_2021_DSC01546
Hans Veuger: Ship Inspection
ghoermann: kiel_2020_P1027048
Hans Veuger: City Blackout
ghoermann: bretagne_2020_DSC00250
leo.roos: Chair power
ghoermann: kiel_2020_P8145290
Hans Veuger: Marching penguins
Hans Veuger: Braving the rain
Peter Jaspers: Shadow only comes with light
leo.roos: The prisoner
De Rode Olifant: Bad hair day
Eduardo Vales: The seagull on the wires
ghoermann: kiel_2019_P9182898
Hans Veuger: Here is the Church. Here is the Steeple.
ghoermann: kiel_P8212880
Hans Veuger: Steeples and Domes
Hans Veuger: Long journey, short memory
leo.roos: Dead trees, intertwined