jim.kinkennon: Shine on me
ace's photos: Tonight's cloudy moon
roksoslav: Roofs
Tom Rockwell Indy: Beaver Island Marine Museum
Tom Rockwell Indy: Buddy's Old Boat & Barge
Tom Rockwell Indy: Michigan House
manni0656: Acacia
Manuel Angel Carmona: En Tiempos De Pandemia
richieJ1: Inlet
manni0656: Jatropha
viewfinder.general: Brancaster, Norfolk, U.K.
timmendorf1: Am Strand von Dahmeshöved
timmendorf1: Landwirtschaftlicher Anhänger
timmendorf1: Moos an den Ästen
daveduke: The Boat House, Lyme Park. NT.
NathalieSt: Background Bokeh Surprise
Martin Bärtges: Colorful autumn leaves shining in the sun
HeinzDS: First Snow 2020
Ade McCabe: New Brighton to Liverpool Skyline.
Alex . Wendes: Do not feed the pigeons...
roksoslav: Krovovi
Barry Potter (EdenMedia): Bracken in the forest
dunescape: Snow this morning.
ITEPfoto: Fat cat
SWJuk: Z50_0956 - Up and beyond...
..Adnan: Fall Foliage
lr.photo: Città per la vita