Clare-White: Bouquet Of Sunflowers
brookis-photography: Flowers on chest of drawers
karma (Karen): Smile on Saturday ~ Floral Fantasy
luz rovira: P1540731 On a connu des jours meilleurs... / We've had better days ...
Sven Bonorden: Flowers flying in the night
Bea Petit: The bottle & the flower
iolarkov: A cartful of fantasy
wwnorm: window dressing
June McClean: Cascade Floral Design
Through Serena's Lens: Late afternoon on the deck
ironicdream: In the evening light
Doklas M Boyke: From Timbuktu With Love
Wallimis: Suspended
abella7460236: Flower Boat Sails in a Sea of Flowers HSoS!
sallydolak: Smile on Saturday Rose
jezcritchlow1: Flowers on display
Jeanne1931: Floral Fantasy—Smile on Saturday😀💐
☼☼Jo Zimny Photos☼☼: Orchid In The Corner
nic.vortherms: Bouquet
SpitMcGee: _on the floor...
Martin Bärtges: The rose on a piece of wood - My enztry for todays "smile on saturday" theme "floral fantasy"
JR624: Roses
Richard H J Shepherd: Floral Fantasy
nevonwb: Fairy Flower Garden
@magda627: Floral Fantasy
mededeler: Bouquet of flowers in the lake