gabicuff1: In the rain...
weinsteph: Après la pluie
janhallback: 6M7A1362
Delena Jane: oct20 2020 1
Runabout63: Sitters, clingers and hangers.
annsofic: In the eye of the beholder
Lisa@Lethen: Water Drops Galore!..x
Cloudflyer123: Smiling Bubbles_ (1)
g3az66: Cherry Blossom
weinsteph: Rosée 2
Tomo M: green string
Delena Jane: oct15 2020 25
Runabout63: Just a drop
ebvbaer: 7R_03209_DxO
indiadawn: Through the Looking Glass
markwilkins64: Purple Rain.....
♥ L'humoureuse :-): Plante perlière
vaneramos: Frosty droplets on lemongrass
Dirk Buse: Red rose summer 20200613 05
Runabout63: Sunrise
AvesAg: Chaotic raindrops
SilverStack: Orange Drop #2
Van K. Varbel: IMG_6212
luporosso: gocce
♥ L'humoureuse :-): Les gouttes font des petits !
Graham Dash: Rain drops (20201014 1017)
OthmarMarti: The many world interpretation