analouisas: Penny
analouisas: Penny and Anja
Simply Col: Scenes from a morning dog walk
brian.jones524: Our Best Friend
jta1950: Mug Shot of a Puppy Schnauzer
the_lawson42: waking winston
Stray cats photos: FujiFilm_X-T3_gingermania_poster
Ramona Parkkonen: Lilac portrait
aika217: KENT
the_lawson42: for cat people and photo geeks
georgepuglisi2: 4DSC00752
analouisas: Penny and Anja
Angie Naron: Family Portrait with Boston Terrier
aika217: KENT
Stray cats photos: FujiFilm_X-T3_gingermania_51
georgepuglisi2: 06082020DSC00561
Simply Col: Can you spot the dog
Ramona Parkkonen: Flowermouth
whitbywoof: 190329 Willow Tree-0236
analouisas: Rizzla
whitbywoof: 180906 Dogs-0120
analouisas: Rizzla
BegMeil44: Juni & Annick
jta1950: Yorkshire Terrier Puppy
jta1950: Painterly Yorkie Puppy
analouisas: Which way?