capocappersphoto: The viewing
velodenz: Camera spotted!
velodenz: Bath Christmas Market
velodenz: Quiet spell - coffee break
velodenz: Busy busy busy
velodenz: Nik Jovčić-Sas of Ninotchka
velodenz: Al Fresco at Mad Hatter, Bath, England
velodenz: Cheese tasting
velodenz: Caramelised Nuts
velodenz: Thronging
velodenz: Posh Chipper
velodenz: Busking Guitarist, Bath, England
Rtger: Amsterdam 2022
Rtger: Amsterdam 2022
Rtger: Utrecht 2020
Rtger: Utrecht 2020
Rtger: Amsterdam 2020
r.a. paterson: city living (home front detail)
RobertDicks2: Taking a break
Joe Keeley: Winter Moorings
r.a. paterson: city living (unit 1)
axel274: Béthusy, Lausanne
capocappersphoto: Negotiating the shallows
paul birchenough: City at Night
RobertDicks2: Coffee provides our daily message
MJL999: East Finchley 15.52
sl.woo: Three balloons
sl.woo: Girl and poster
RobertDicks2: What the neighbors use to keep me out
r.a. paterson: the back side