Ira Mv: On the beach
gabi lombardo: enjoy your meal!
Welsh photographs - Thanks for 9 Million views: Loco's 'Linda' and 'Blanche' aka 'The Snowdonian' at Tanygrisiau, Ff&WHR, Wales, UK 13.04.19 (AT04 17P)
roba66: Calw, am Nagold-Ufer, 67-88a/2338
Co-jjack: Ecluse de Veuvet sur Ouche
santiagolopezpastor: Cartagena
@WineAlchemy1: The Fates
Ira Mv: Cloudy sunrise
Jens Schröter: Buchschleimrüblinge
@WineAlchemy1: Shaken, not stirred
gabi lombardo: algs in the Okawango Delta (Botswana)
@WineAlchemy1: I want my time with you
davcsl: Merry Christmas and Happy new year
[ô] jon austrone: Cheri Luv II
mdiepraam: Mariëlle, The Hague 2015: Admiring the pictures
marc.barrot: Forty Three White Post Lane
✵ΨᗩSᗰIᘉᗴ✵123 MILLIONS V: #IRIDESCENT - #SmileOnSaturday - 9073
PepBear: Padova - Riviera Paleocapa and Castelvecchio
George Plakides: London Eye
@WineAlchemy1: Tuscans in the snow
scinta1: Bronzed
PepBear: London - 016
hardmile: Dragonfly at Dusk I
@WineAlchemy1: Teatro Regio, Torino
koro/carnell: Winter is coming to SL.