Cyberlens 40D: IMG_0820 Sidewalk
ditruter2014: Ermita Virgen de los Desamparados
Paul Webb.: Parakeet in London.
Eugenio GV Costa: Gabbiano Jonathan a Venezia - Jonathan Seagull in Venice
kalakeli: Living on Iceland
danvartanian: 013-lake tahoe-
Edmond Sham: Curlew, Little
nickp_63: Deep Creek+1_2131_TCW
TheArtOfPhotographyByLouisRuth: Elements revisited 2020
yvonnepay615: Circle of rays
Martine-peguiparis-11 million visits: DSC00033 - from KASHGAR to lake KARAKUL
Mobile Lynn: Grey Wagtail - Now where shall I put this? 850_1901.jpg
andrewrosspoetry: Captain Crossing the Road
cnmark: Munich - After Sunset
kalakeli: mirrored white-throated dipper (Cinclus cinclus)
c.chamberland: Automne
stepanov9: 04-[F_80 AgfaPhoto_CT_Precisa]-0-1
hbp_pix: A Goodmorning Giraffe - Outside our hotel window
Mobile Lynn: Humpback whale breach 502_3922.jpg
soferlie: La Rose
mujepa: two friends
Naturissima: Pouillot véloce (Phylloscopus collybita) - Common Chiffchaff
Tartarin2009: DSC_0655 z
Eugenio GV Costa: il Vento... e l'onda... Windsurf / the Wind ... and the wave ... Windsurf
Mobile Lynn: Lesser Noddy Tern looking for nesting material D85_8841.jpg
mujepa: forgotten graves
thomas.armstrong: Water Lily