SidneyKhoo: Hot oil over Szechuan mix spices and garlic.. our favourite base for dry noodle mix. Equally suitable for a vege dish !
Nicolas Coevoet: 20220123_160202
kimagure_camera: 忍び足
Nicolas Coevoet: 20220115_172935
gary99099: GPC04217
gary99099: GPC04855
kimagure_camera: 港町の猫
The 40yr old apprentice: A very misty sunrise
samulikarjalainen: GFX 50R sigma 85mm art 1.4
samulikarjalainen: GFX 50R Sigma 85mm art 1.4
samulikarjalainen: GFX 50R + Sigma ART 85mm 1.4 ef
Nicolas Coevoet: 20211218_155122
Nicolas Coevoet: 20211212_160512
Nicolas Coevoet: 20211211_174135
danieldelor1: Celenia
Lucien Schilling: Preparing a snack (explored) #Sigma85mmArt #CanonPhotography
Iritxu: Mountain
gary99099: GPC03180
Guy Boustany: JJ (36)
Guy Boustany: JJ (15)
Iritxu: Sombras
kimagure_camera: 紅葉散歩
Dover130023: IMG_5026