pict100: Batalkan Alam Semesta
Wuzbug: Three mast Top Sail Schooner. Watercolour by jmsw
gerard.darris: Cholet - Chambre d'hôtes l'Impériale - 25 10 2020
Günter Hentschel: Bulli im Herbst
S e r s h: Traveling on surfaces with roller skates is a recreational activity, and a form of transportation.
Alain Honorat Lefebvre dit " ALHO ": « La confiture de coing de Michel »
Wuzbug: Jenkins asleep on the carpet now. Polychromos Pencil sketch by jmsw on card.
f.gómezcorisco: Plaza de la Maja en Galapagar
libra1054: "Always in my heart " HSoS!
Christiane ': L'attente du retour des pêcheurs
Artcatraz: Oil painting
wiredforlego: The Monster by Brayniac
Pax30091: One model, 4 versions...
goma741: La CIUDAD cuenta lo que sus muros hablan - The CITY tells what its walls speak.
Christiane ': Frog cocktail :)
Nathan_Arrington: Shenandoah Valley
jarr1520: Cabin By The Sea
Andreadm66: Sabriena the White Rose Witch of Wensleydale.
Alain Honorat Lefebvre dit " ALHO ": Etiquettes "Vin de sureau 2020"
Gray Moon Gallery: Hollandia - Dutch circular saw blade - by Jan Theuninck, 2012
Wuzbug: Spirit of Ecstasy. Bonnet Ornament Sculpture. Coloured pencil drawing on black card by jmsw,highlights in Gouache. Last stage of 3.
Wuzbug: Study. Watercolour painting by jmsw
pict100: Basolix
Orchid ~*: Blind Hope
Passqual: - Ya te decía que no subestimaras el Poder de lo Oculto..- I already told you not to underestimate the Power of the Occult ..
genelabo: red crank
Alain Honorat Lefebvre dit " ALHO ": « Sir Lancelot en balade sur le canal de Bourgogne »
pict100: Art V