Howard J Duncan: Hesitation
Karmafritz: JujuKing
qlovolp: Star
qlovolp: Fenders
qlovolp: Miror
epemsl: Alte Münze, erbaut 1563 bis 1567
enthusiastic snapper: Lockdown creativity #24
Andy Saxton3000: Abstract 2020 099
nomm de photo: Art of the Machine
arthuralex: IMG_1504a
Kasqué: Light Haze
HenriRoger1: PiXXXLS 2228
Mark Noack: loosed of the bonds of security - gifted freedom! choice! why, yet, do the children weep?
qlovolp: Towers
ladybumblebee: untitled
Pierre-Plante: mani-2785
McMunich: Odd signs
Talfin: Pandemic
Howard J Duncan: Harmony
Howard J Duncan: Corridor
MONLart: A Fragmented World
McMunich: On a collision course
HenriRoger1: PiXXXLS 2208.1
b_kohnert: T r e e s
qlovolp: Buoy in the sky
qlovolp: Curve