F J R: windows_chicago_lake_shore_1014
Sue Povey: DSC_0045
Ce Rey: Tierra fértil
Ce Rey: Amapolas (Poppies)
F J R: fly_flower_c+_071714
F J R: coast_dawn_sunrise_sea_012218
F J R: flower_coneflower_bokeh_090513
Jaedde & Sis: Sjægte reflections
5of7: Fishing with Daddy
F J R: ducks_urban_flight_many_013117
5of7: Fox at Sunshine Village
hunbille: Nordjylland 2017
F J R: bug_orange_salvia_071019
Sue Povey: P1110264
hunbille: Oxford 2017
Jaedde & Sis: A big one
F J R: goat_face_white_brown_070317
ènfin (verna): trail of new beginnings up around the bend
hunbille: Berlin 2008
Titole: Bec sucré **---+°°
hunbille: LR Madhya Pradesh 2018-2261298
F J R: bee_wildflower_yellow_a_080816
F J R: chicago_graffiti_north_ave_pier_april2014
5of7: Jackrabbit
Kathy~: 3 novice monks trying to stay cool in the hot sun
Kathy~: I am strong, hear me roar
5of7: End of the Hallway
buddhadog: A Metal Abstract in Detail
F J R: lighthouse_a_ziva_012616