Welsh Harlequin: Grey Wagtail
jo92photos: Portland Bill Lighthouse
5of7: Hamadryas Baboon (Papio hamadryas)
Titole: Epines et cicatrices **---+
Il cantore: Il caro vecchio Giacomo
*Aña*: Deadvlei
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Jaedde & Sis: Green Rose Chafers
jo92photos: Enjoying the Poppies
Jaedde & Sis: Pink caravan
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5of7: Pizza
Welsh Harlequin: Pulteney Bridge reflection.CR2
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Welsh Harlequin: Interior.CR2
jo92photos: The Water Maiden
5of7: Interstate 15 North of Nephi, Utah
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Kathy~: A boy and His Dog
*Aña*: Lines
Jaedde & Sis: Showtime!
Welsh Harlequin: Buds.CR2
Welsh Harlequin: Rocky landscape
Titole: Brise de bord de mer -----+°-°
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Read2me: Rocks in the Atlantic
Jaedde & Sis: Sunset in Ringkøbing Fjord