caro-jon-son: Vibrant red
Stanislawski 2011: Experiment with colours, light and depth - 1 -
Stanislawski 2011: Will you marry me.
Stanislawski 2011: Traumblume / Dreamflower
caro-jon-son: Calla lillies
caro-jon-son: Coming into flower
caro-jon-son: Up close
caro-jon-son: Lots of Lillies this year
Laura Rowan: I dig the daylily because it is forgiving, unrelenting and breathtakingly brief. Nikki Schmitth
caro-jon-son: Garden lilies
caro-jon-son: Breaking out
trainmanchuff!: Flora in Chirk (6)
trainmanchuff!: Flora in Chirk (3)
trainmanchuff!: Flora in Chirk (4)
caro-jon-son: Garden lily
caro-jon-son: Wild flowers
Janbro: JB-186-Smell the Lavender
caro-jon-son: Teasel
caro-jon-son: Stunning yellow
Stanislawski 2011: Sunflowers in the wind / Sonnenblumen im Wind
caro-jon-son: Another colour
caro-jon-son: So many different poppies
caro-jon-son: Deep purple
caro-jon-son: Soggy poppy
caro-jon-son: Everything is feeling the bad weather
caro-jon-son: Breezy
caro-jon-son: Pretty poppy
caro-jon-son: Rain drops