langdon10: Down by the Sea
langdon10: A Cross of Stone
Me an Atheist (Krzysiek Śliwaq): "proud" in Vogue Italia
MGibson Outside: Water's edge
Neal J.Wilson: Alexa (54)l
Neil. Moralee: Wrong on so many levels.
cresswellclive: More questions than answers I feel.
batmilen: the golden hour
nzi26.04: duckling
Drummerdelight: RC - Learning to jump
Fadmaa: diamonds
erichudson78: The boat under the falls StoneBridge Anno 1594
Jose Antonio. 62: Asturias tierra de agua / Asturias, land of water
breakbeat: Gásadalur
Through_Urizen: Broken Earth
willmann_f: Gradient
eddlam: DSC_6136
hwicker: garlic and rosemary fresh from the garden
Mark H Lewis: Daughters doing their Sister Act
Jon in Thailand: ,, Mr Kind Monk & Mama ,,
Joe Rito: Art & Antique Shop, Goshen, MA
vaneramos: Bug on burdock
Drummerdelight: BMX - phone home
Drummerdelight: Getting the lines straight
Renate R: evening at the pond
Joe Rito: Be Sure to Keep Your Dragon Leashed