tonystairs2003: country road
CharlieChan InRio: unhappy hour
Arminius54: _DSF9714 B&W
Arminius54: DSCF6171 B&W
CharlieChan InRio: the whopper
Harris Hui (in search of light): Should Use Wide Angle Lens - Oval XT7334e
Harris Hui (in search of light): The Dying Breed - Yaohan X5329e
Arminius54: DSCF6266 B&W
CharlieChan InRio: old structure burnaby
Harris Hui (in search of light): Drama Off The Stage - Oval XT7331e
Terry Cioni: L1001322
Terry Cioni: L1001000
Terry Cioni: L1001153
Terry Cioni: L1001073
dncswclds: Olympus day
dncswclds: Security
dncswclds: Green ?
dncswclds: Large
dncswclds: Recycled
dncswclds: Sign
Terry Cioni: L1000969
Arminius54: _DSF9686 B&W
Terry Cioni: L1020080
Arminius54: _DSF9732 B&W
kirstiecat: Strangers (About to Get) On a Train