magda347: Bergenia ciliata
Nick Kenrick.: Ataraxia
Brenda Boisvert .: Schlumbergera surprise in August
Mejxu: Blaue Lampionblume, Nicandra physalodes
Mejxu: Dahlia X Hortensis 'Sunny Boy'
jronan17: P2330445-1A
magda347: Lotus sacré
-Petite Fleur-: Bientôt l´été !
idunbarreid: Water Lily
Nick Kenrick.: "....all things share the same breath....the beast, the tree, the man....the air shares it's spirit with all the life it supports." "Chief Seattle - Dwamish"
-Petite Fleur-: 577 - Jeudi , jour des gazanias . Gazania orange
Mejxu: Herbstzeitlose, Colchicum autumnale var. 'Atropurpureum'
Paul Leb: Campanule
jronan17: P2410467-1A
iseedre: Natural Rose Bouquet
Paula Luckhurst: In a French Garden
Lise au Portugal: une rose pour Laura .....
Eleanor (New account)): Thursday`s Flower
Nick Kenrick.: your hands floating in the light
janetfo747 ~ Dreaming of Africa: My Garden is blooming
Martine-peguiparis-10 million visits: P1080014a - O M A N - عمان / ʿumān
Nick Kenrick.: Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. ~Gerard de Nerval
Mejxu: Weiße Stockrose