NakaRB: 54601
Henry Aldridge: 20210117 - 05 A male wasp, Gasteruption sp. circa 17mm. At rest they fold their wings below their gaster. The white markings are in fact hairs, so in different lighting they do not show (see next picture). Gasteruptiidae Apocrita Hymenoptera
NakaRB: 54600
NakaRB: 54566
NakaRB: 54544
Henry Aldridge: 20210117 - 10 A male wasp, Gasteruption sp. circa 17mm. Gasteruptiidae Apocrita Hymenoptera.
NakaRB: 54352
NakaRB: 54331
NakaRB: 54330
Alf Branch: Ichneumonid wasp
Fred's Uncle: Monelata solida
Henry Aldridge: 20210105 - 07 A small chalcid wasp circa 7mm hunting, probably of family Eupelmidae. Chalcidoidea Hymenoptera.
NakaRB: Perithous sp.
NakaRB: Perithous sp.
dtayl133: Rogadinae, Braconidae
dtayl133: Parasitoid wasp
Fred's Uncle: Biorhiza pallida f.agamica
Fred's Uncle: Xenomerus ergenna
Nick Ransdale: 0S8A3360. Rhynchium oculatum (Eumeninae, Potter wasps)
Fred's Uncle: Microterys seyon
NakaRB: 53060
NakaRB: 53051
NakaRB: 53035
Fred's Uncle: Aclista parvula
Fred's Uncle: Gonatocerus pictus
Fred's Uncle: Cryptoserphus aculeator
Fred's Uncle: Cinetus ilione
Fred's Uncle: Gonatocerus pictus
DocJ96: Braconid wasp: cross view 3D
NakaRB: 52280