J K German: Oklahoma Sunset
Dana 48: starburst
Northern_Nights: Smoke & Haze & Rays @ Sunset
PelicanPete: Spinning Top
Dana 48: sunset on mud flat in Tossens
PelicanPete: Shades of Red
joncutrer: Texas Sunset out the window
kckelleher11: Sunset at the Three Sisters
Ted Holm Photography: Cannon Beach, Oregon
Northern_Nights: smoke-cirrus-contrail at sunset
Katy on the Tundra: Sunset on Spirit Lake
Dana 48: Sunset in Tossens, North Sea
ManxieB- prefer comments!: Twice as Colourful
PelicanPete: Hot Streak
Northern_Nights: Small Thunderstorm but Pretty
j1985w: Davenport Landing Beach
Simply.Jana: When Life Rewards You with Beauty
funkfactorynow: Scottish Sunset
Through Bri`s Lens: Cloudy,,,,Explored
PelicanPete: Earth Tone
v o y a g e u r: Un spectacle aux cieux !
leenvanloosen: the Light
Ted Holm Photography: Point Arena Lighthouse
Northern_Nights: Crepuscular sunset
...sunsetman: ... nature's grandeur
PelicanPete: On The Bubble
Steffon Reid: Warm Sunset in Haarlem, Netherlands